Deutsche Börse adds corporate data to algo news feed

“AlphaFlash Corporate News Germany” to deliver unscheduled corporate financial data in machine-readable format

7 Apr 2011 (All day)

Deutsche Börse – Market Data & Analytics is adding corporate news to its algorithmic news feed “AlphaFlash”. The new data package “AlphaFlash Corporate News Germany” will provide unscheduled financial ad-hoc information for approximately 100 of the most liquid blue-chip, mid-cap and high-tech stocks listed in Germany. The information is disseminated immediately following official release and is tailored for automated traders, market makers, hedge funds, analysts and risk and asset managers in a low latency trading and risk management environment.

AlphaFlash Corporate News Germany will deliver financial data such as profit warnings, dividend announcements, earnings and bank’s capital ratios that are provided in ad-hoc disclosures. Under German securities law, firms that are listed on a local regulated stock exchange are required to issue ad-hoc disclosures announcing any business developments that are supposed to significantly impact a company’s share price.

“Unscheduled ad-hoc disclosures can have significant market impact, not only on a specific company’s stock price but on indices, derivatives, corporate bonds and other related financial instruments. We employ advanced semantic analysis to automatically extract key financial data and make it available to market participants in a machine-readable format faster than any other service,” said Georg Gross, Head of Front Office Data & Analytics at Deutsche Börse. “Going forward, we plan to add additional news types and countries.”

Launched in April 2010, AlphaFlash delivers low latency, machine-readable economic indicators and corporate news. Subscribers can choose between several data packages, e.g. U.S., Canadian, European or Asia-Pacific economic indicators, as well as the new AlphaFlash Corporate News Germany feed. AlphaFlash is available in the following 11 data centers: Chicago, Secaucus (New Jersey), Washington D.C., Frankfurt, London (3), Sydney, Tokyo and Singapore (2).