Published by TMX Atrium: TMX Atrium enhances community with addition of machine-readable macroeconomic releases from AlphaFlash

TMX Atrium’s clients benefit from the ability to receive news faster, react quicker and achieve a competitive edge

29 Oct 2012 (All day)

TMX Atrium, provider of smarter infrastructure solutions for the financial community, today announced the addition of the news feed AlphaFlash to its service offering. AlphaFlash is operated by Need to Know News (NTKN), a subsidiary of Deutsche Börse Group.

Connectivity to AlphaFlash is provided from the TMX Atrium POP (point of presence) at NY4 and delivers machine-readable macroeconomic news across the TMX Atrium platform.  TMX Atrium’s clients benefit from the ability to receive news faster, react quicker and achieve a competitive edge. 

TMX Atrium’s decision to add AlphaFlash is part of an on-going growth plan that includes the distribution of macroeconomic data on a wider scale across the TMX Atrium platform. NTKN will be given access to TMX Atrium’s ever-growing community and will be able to capitalise on the propagation of their data to a wider customer base.

The news feed AlphaFlash delivers more than 300 machine-readable economic indicators from the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia at millisecond speeds. Data content includes central bank interest rate decisions, employment numbers, housing statistics, gross domestic product figures, U.S. and international treasury auction results, German corporate news as well as Fitch sovereign rating announcements. AlphaFlash can be integrated directly into trading algorithms.

Emmanuel Carjat, Managing Director, TMX Atrium said, “The addition of AlphaFlash to the TMX Atrium community is in response to the needs of our increasingly sophisticated client base who require access to the highest performing networks with the ability to electronically disseminate prices and trades. The TMX Atrium platform allows ultra-low-latency news to be delivered to algorithmic traders and enables ultra-fast DMA (direct market access) execution. This is an exciting development to our plans to continually add new data sets, venues, and develop the TMX Atrium community to enable our customers to trade successfully.”

Clint Rhea, COO, NTKN added, “We’re delighted to join the TMX Atrium platform, which provides access to 28 major trading venues across the globe. This significantly extends the availability of AlphaFlash and offers a great opportunity for us to significantly grow our community of customers.”

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