Machine-readable Global Macro-Economic Data

Ultra Low-Latency News Delivery

The Fastest and most economical real-time computer readable news feed available for macro-economincal events.

AlphaFlash is ideally suited for Financial Analysts, Researchers, Education Services, discretionary traders, event-driven algo trading and crypto trading.

Over 300 real-time macro-economic indicators from the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia with new data points being added each month:

  • Comprehensive coverage of FOMC, CPI, PPI, US Employment Data and NFP (Non-Farm Payrolls).
  • US Energy Releases from the EIA and DOE for both Natural Gas and Oil.
  • UK, Canada, Australia, German and US Treasury Auction data results including 2Yr, 3Yr and 10Yr Auction results.
  • USDA & WASDE coverage for Corn, Soybean and Wheat Stocks
  • Exclusive reporting on the Chicago PMI Data three minutes before release to the general media.
  • IHS MARKIT PMI Data from S&P Global released using our ultra-accurate GPS/GNSS timing equipment across our Global Financial Data Centers.
  • Canadian, European, Emerging Market and APAC Data including all CPI, PPI, GDP, Retail Sales and Trade data.
  • Uncomparable speed in notifying you of changes to country Interest Rates from the USA, UK, Reserve Bank of Australia, Canada and many other countries.

All Embargoed releases are available instantly after the official release time using our high-precision state-of-the-art GPS timing equipment.

  • We utilize a lightweight API news feed designed for easy direct integration into low latency trading algorithms.
  • Global proximity hosting in key financial data centers across the globe inlcuding CME Group Aurora, Equnix NY2 & FR2 and many others.

Ultra Low-Latency Machine Readable Feeds

AlphaFlash consistently offers some of the World’s fastest Machine readable algorithmic data for key Macro Economic events across the Globe. Utilizing our proprietary scraping, real-time API and ultra low-latency infrastructure technology , we are used by FX traders, Energy Traders, Quantitative Traders, Banks, Research & Investment Analysts to obtain the edge with a cost effective solution. Our real-time economic indicators are frequently seconds in front of legacy macro event news providers, and where millisecond and microseconds matter we lead the path.

Client Feedback

“AlphaFlash has consistently been one of the fastest sources for machine-readable economic data we’ve found, in many cases sometimes by seconds.”

“AlphaFlash is by far one of the easiest and most economical method to consume global macroeconomic events in the market today”

“The AlphaFlash team have always responded in a highly reactive manner and are all ways open to our questions and suggestions.”

“We appreciate the reliability, accuracy and security that AlphaFlash can bring us helping to monitor our risk strategy.”

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