About AlphaFlash

AlphaFlash has been delivering fast and accurate economic data for over 15 years. AlphaFlash supplies clients with first rate financial reports and macroeconomic news for discretionary and algorithmic trading.

AlphaFlash® has been at the bleeding-edge of low-latency Global market-moving Macroeconomic indicators and Treasury Auction data feeds for delivery directly into algorithmic applications in a machine-readable format for many years.

Our Macroeconomic data has been proven to have a significant market impact across all asset classes and algorithmic traders can benefit immensely by being the first to react to world economic events.

We use state-of-the-art and in-house proprietary technology to transmit over 300 market-moving economic indicators from the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia directly from any of our Global Data Centers over our high performance private networks.

Our light-weight AlphaFlash API-Feed gives clients an easier, seamless integration into trading algorithms.

The AlphaFlash low-latency API news feed has been developed over many years by our in-house technical experts in low-latency proprietary scraping technology and lead-edge infrastructure. We have also created of one of the world’s most accurate GPS/GNSS timed embargo systems to ensure data is delivered to your systems immediately after the embargo is lifted.

Some of the key benefits of utilizing AlphaFlash® for your Economic news include:

  • One of the fastest and most economical computer readable news feed available.
  • Created and designed for event driven algorithmic news trading.
  • More than 300 economic indicators from the United States, Canada and Europe including US Unemployment data, US Non-Farm, US CPI, FOMC and FOMC Statements, US PPI, Department of Energy and EIA releases covering NatGas and Oil figures, WASDE and USDA monthly and weekly crop reports.
  • US Treasury, UK Gilt, UK Treasury Auctions, Canadian Treasury Auction and German Bund Auctions.
  • Excusive access to the Chicago PMI three minutes before release to the media.
  • One of the world’s most accurate GPS/GNSS timed embargoed releases making data available instantly after the official release time.
  • Proprietary and open-source protocols designed for easy direct integration into low latency news trading algorithms.
  • Global proximity hosting, and other connectivity options available locally to your region using best in class low-latency carriers.

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