AlphaFlash Cloud

AlphaFlash Cloud is our latest product in the low-latency delivery of macro-economic data.

We now provide local point-of-presence sources of our high speed data feeds (including embargo data) to allow for a low-latency distribution of key economic data, removing the latency penalty of having to connect to remote data centers over the internet and shipping time sensitive data to a local exchange.

Using our proprietary GPS timing systems, embargo data is released just milliseconds after the expiring embargo time.

AlphaFlash Cloud has been deployed to a number of locations including Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo with other locations coming on-line in the coming months.

AlphaFlash Cloud is built on our existing proprietary protocols, with the exact same information as AlphaFlash TCP to deliver low-latency economic data feeds.

For existing customers, there is minimal configuration required except to select the Cloud instance closest to your systems and AlphaFlash cloud uses your existing credentials.

If you are interested in connecting to the new AlphaFlash Cloud service please contact you account manager or email