Real Time Economic News Feed API

Ideally suited for discretionary and crypto traders, AlphaFlash Select is our new real time economic news feed for clients that need a market-leading fast, reliable, easy-to-integrate API feed for standard trading applications such as MetaTrader 4. Instantly updating with the key live headline figures from our macro-economic releases.

Alternatively, our fast browser-based Economic News Calendar can be configured with Alerts, Topics, Countries, Light/Dark mode, so the calendar can be configured exactly as you require for your trading strategies.

Full documentation for the AlphaFlash Select API can be found here: SELECT Documentation

If you would like to trial the AlphaFlash Select real-time API economic news feed or our fast real-time Calendar then please contact the AlphaFlash Select Sales team on +1 (917) 215 9578 or use the contact form located here.

  • AlphaFlash Select Economic Feed
  • AlphaFlash Low-Latency Economic Calendar

AlphaFlash SELECT data coverage

AlphaFlash Select covers all the major Global Economic releases including the following:

  • FOMC Meeting summaries including speeches by J. Powell and J. Yellen
  • The DOE / EIA Energy Oil Reports and Natural Gas Reports are consistently the fastest data feed for DOE Petroleum Status Report data.
  • Key figures from the US Department of Commerce, US Department of Labor including US CPI, US PPI, FOMC Interest Rates, US GDP, Non-Farm Payrolls, US Unemployment, US retail Sales, US Import/Export and Trade along with hundreds of other market moving events.
  • Monthly, Annual and Weekly USDA & WASDE Figures such as USDA Acerage, USDA Grain Stock, WASDE Crop Estimates and Winter Wheat figures.
  • Canadian Interest Rates, Canada QE, Canadian CPI and PPI, Candian Unemployment, Canadian Labor Force Survey and Canadian Agriculture.
  • UK BOE Interest rates, UK Retail Sales, UK PPI, UK CPI, UK unemployment and UK Trade to name a few of the events covered.
  • Australia Labor and Unemployment figures, Austrailan Retail Trade, CPI & PPI from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) and also the RBA Interest Rates (Reserve Bank of Australia).
  • Coverage of key China data including China GDP, Retail Sales and China Unemployment Rate.
  • Central bank coverage including the FOMC, UK BOE Interest Rates and UK QE, Japan Interest Rates, Mexico Interest Rates, New Zealand RBNZ Interest Rates, Turkey Interest Rates and Canadian Interest Rates and QE.

If you are interested in Markit IHS PMI’s, ISM data or the Exclusive Chicago PMI these can be obtained on our AlphaFlash ultra low-latency agorithmic feed.