API – Documentation

AlphaFlash Ultra-Low Latency API News feed (Credentials Required)

  • Used primarily in exchange data-centers across the globe.
  • Utilizes our market-leading proprietary light-weight protocol to deliver macro data from our low-latency infrastructure directly into your trading environment.
  • Delivery offered via multicast or TCP at speeds of up to 10Gbps.
  • Embargo data delivered immediately after embargo expiration.
  • AlphaFlash Rest-APIs including the APIs for the automated event Calendar can be found here

AlphaFlash SELECT Documentation

  • Our high-speed event calendar feed used by discretionary FX Traders and Energy traders.
  • Significantly faster than our competitors, often by multiple seconds.
  • Co-location not required, access is available anywhere via the closest geo-located data center.
  • Offers prior and forecast values to assist in your trading strategy.

If you would like to Trial the AlphaFlash Select real-time API economic news feed, or our fast real-time news Calendar then please contact the AlphaFlash Sales team on +1 (917) 215 9578 or use the contact form here.