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Unlike many of our competitors, we can offer customized News, Energy and Treasury packages that only include the information you require, rather than the all-or-nothing approach.

AlphaFlash data packages

AlphaFlash subscribers can choose between the following data packages containing key events:

  • AlphaFlash USA Feed – FOMC, USDA, Non-Farm Payrolls, US CPI, US PPI,US GDP, DOE, EIA, Import/Export, US Retail Sales
  • AlphaFlash Canada Feed – Bank of Canada Interest Rates & QE, GDP, CPI, PPI, Retail Sales, Canadian Treasury Auctions
  • AlphaFlash European Feed – Bank of England Interest Rates & QE, UK CPI, UK PPI, UK Retail Sales, German ZEW, GDP, CPI, ECB Rate Announcements
  • AlphaFlash US Treasury Feed – TIPS Bond Auctions, Treasury Auctions, Floating Rate Notes
    • AlphaFlash German Bund Auctions – Federal Bonds, Federal Treasury Notes & Inflation linked issues
  • AlphaFlash Asia – Key events from China on GDP, China Retail Sales and China Unemployment
  • AlphaFlash Chicago Business Barometer (‘Chicago PMI’)
  • AlphaFlash ISM Feed – both ISM Manufacturing and ISM Non-Manufacturing
  • AlphaFlash Emerging Countries -Japan Interest Rates, Mexico Interest Rates, New Zealand Interest Rates, Turkey Interest Rates
  • AlphaFlash Nordic Feed – Including Sveriges Riksbank Interest Rate, Norges Bank Interest Rate, CPI and GDP
  • IHS/Markit Economics Purchasing Managers’ Index™ (PMI™)
  • AlphaFlash Energy – Containing the best sources for DOE News Trading

The regional data packages provide important macroeconomic data and news releases such as Central Bank Interest Rate decisions, Employment and Unemployment Statistics, Housing Statistics, Gross Domestic Product (GDP), CPI, PPI, Industrial Output, Money Supply and much more.

The AlphaFlash US Treasury Feed contains information sourced from the New York Fed covering:

  • Treasury Bills
  • TIPS & Cash Management Bills
  • Treasury Notes
  • Treasury Bonds.

AlphaFlash key data points

Following are examples of key data points included in AlphaFlash: US Nonfarm Payrolls, US Consumer Price Index, US Durable Goods Orders, US Consumer Price Index, US Gross Domestic Product, USDA WASDE, US Petroleum Stocks and Natural Gas, US FOMC Interest Rate and Policy Releases, ECB Interest Rates, BOE Interest Rates, UK GDP, China GDP, Australia Labour Force and Reserve Bank of Australia.

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